Genesis of God …

 Dear All Nations Worship Assembly Partners, 

Traditionally, this is a time of reflection and thankfulness. It has been our custom to look back with gratitude, at all of the enjoyable moments we have experienced. However, most of this year has been a grievous and anxious time for many of us. So much so, that it may be challenging to find a reason to be thankful. I acknowledge that we are living in a time of tremendous instability and uncomfortable physical separation but allow me to focus you. It is the enemy’s objective to rob you of your stability and praise, in an attempt to cause you to waiver and make imprudent decisions during a temporary season. We must become contenders for our stability and find reasons to give God thanks. He is still in control and there is still an “After This.” These experiences are real, but they are not the end. 

While on my sabbatical God gave me a prophetic word, we are entering a year of the “Genesis of God.” This will be a year of new beginnings and He will reveal himself again as The Alpha. With this knowledge, I have been using these final weeks as a time of preparation for this new beginning. Movement wide, we have been following the direction of the Lord and have made several adjustments. I want to encourage you during this time of preparation and change, to not waiver in your faith or in your confidence. We have history with God, and He is with us. While change feels uncomfortable, it is often necessary to move us into what is next. 

As the Global Senior Pastor of the All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA) churches, I am taking a more involved approach to each of our locations. I am increasing my direction and communication to safeguard our work. It is my desire to ensure the vision that God gave me over sixteen years ago is reflected in every experience. Additionally, it is important to me that each of you are pastored the way that God instructed me, not just in Chicago where I will continue to lead, but in all locations. 

To that end, it is with great anticipation that I communicate our organization’s most recent changes. We have restructured the leadership within the Collective and effective immediately, ANWA-Atlanta and ANWA-Charlotte will be led by new lead pastors. Their introductions will be forthcoming, but I admonish you to receive and celebrate the leadership that I delegate with honor, just as you have faithfully received me. In the interim, I have established a team that will oversee the administration and pastoral care of both locations. I love the partners of both of these churches, and I am excited about helping you build stronger. You can expect to receive further communication from me soon. Should you have any immediate needs or concerns, please feel free to email 

I look forward to continuing to lead the people that make up this collective body into the future. ANWA is the Lord’s church and we are a people great and strong. Let’s finish the year with focus and confidence in our God. Thank you for your continued commitment. 

With love, 

Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III
Global Senior Pastor