Great men and women are only born for the time they are needed the most.

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Samuel to Saul. Elijah to Elisha. Nathan to David.

Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson, III, is vastly becoming an internationally respected voice for this time in history. He is a powerful governmental prophet, an apostolic overseer, and a leader’s leader. A thinker, discerner of the times and a polemic sound all describe what his life brings to the kingdom of God.

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World Changers Summit '18

The future is a place and it’s called  BEYOND.. 

Meet Dr. Stevenson at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena October 18-20

World Changing Women '18

All Nations Worship Assembly is hosting it’s first Women’s Conference. July 26th – 28th

Monday Night Madness

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” Your brokenness is the key to knowing God as Father. “

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